The Collection


Neuno is a B2B2C platform allowing authenticated brands to upload their assets as NFTs giving users the opportunity to buy,sell, wear and trade digital clothes. Neuno wanted to offer web3 users exclusive membership via collectable cards.

Neuno wanted to create luxury fashion cards that garnered members exclusive access to fashion collectibles offered by their brand partners. The task was a huge undertaking that requires understanding of blockchain technology and 3D.

Each card owned by a member needed to be visually unique. A library of 3D textures wer created over several weeks. There were several stages of development around lighting and textures while working closely with Neuno and the dev team ‘Cryptosec’.


Luxury cards

A selection of luxury cards created for the legendary tier of the NFT collection. This collection is intentionally designed to be a bit outlandish and surreal. This aligns with how the fashion industry intentionally tends to push the boundaries of creativity


We created these hair cards using the redshift render and cinema 4D.  Creating windswept flowing hair made the visuals feel tactile. Something that you want to reach out and touch. Our main reference for creating the cards was the legendary Monsters Inc.


Each material had its own challenges. Matte metal needed to feel distinguished from materials that looked similar like matte plastic or brushed metal. A small amount of condensation and smudge on the cards help bring out the reflections and aesthetics associated with matte mental.


Marble is a collection of luxury cards. To achieve a believable material we needed to study how marble works with light. We found light that penetrates the surface of marble scattering through the material and exits the surface at a different point. This process is called subsurface scattering. Adding subsurface scattering to the material amplifies the material beyond veining(patte


Glitter required quite a bit of research and experimentation. We experimented with the idea of tiny bits of geometry across the surface of the card. This increased render time and slowed down the process due to extra geometry needing to be rendered. After experimenting with a card paint shader in redshift we found that metallic flakes in car paint could be manipulated to realistically represent glitter.


The final output of texture would be done via python and json with cryptosec. We designed an Xpresso rig in cinema 4D that would plug into a script which Cryptosec could use to output the final materials.

The Xpresso rig triggered a different lighting setup predicated on the material or color of the card. Certain materials reflect and absorb light. Different lighting setups granted full control before going into the final output.

Promotional Campaign

Origin stories

Neuno needed to promote their upcoming NFT Fashion collection. We suggested that a story be told about the luxurious fashion materials within their collection. The story would be told through short abstract animations that captivated people’s imagination

The objective of the origin stories is to built excitement and curiosity through exceptionally crafted eye-catching content.Neuno were collaboration with AAA fashion brands such as diesel and Guseippe. Time was limited forcing us to cut corners in the process. Concepts and storyboard were limited to style frames and written documentation. Some of the concepts were founded through the process of research & development.

Promotional Campaign

Hype trailers