Octi Launch Campaign


The launch video needed to illustrate the exciting in-app experience Octi offered its users. We worked closely with Superhuman and the social media influencer ‘CJ operAmericano’ to conceptualise, build and deliver the launch video.

CJ operAmericano and myself built out the concept of travelling through different world that represented pop culture in games. This played to the strengths of the Octi app. Users who regularly made content for Octi were rewarded with in-app currency to unlock items(virtual) from their favourite games and movies. This items could be used as props using augmented reality to place in their videos.

The launch video was required to be delivered in 9X16 across multiple platforms. This format presented both challenges and creative opportunities. App downloads, awareness and CTR would play a central role in how the launch video helped build a strong user-base for the Octi eco-system


The whole project was executed remotely, between the UK, LA and NYC. Being agile around timings and work schedule would prove instrumental in delivery. Much of the budget would be spent on the media, pushing us to be creative and adaptive in production.

CJoperAmericano set up a green screen in her studio. Myself and CjoperAmericano worked together via a Zoom call to make the necessary adjustments to lighting, and CJ’s movements against the green screen. CJ sent over several tests that helped identify any issues which could be rectified before going into final production.

After the testing was finished we started to key out CJ using Fusion in Davinci Resolve. The environments were build in Cinema 4D using the Octane renderer.


Octi debuted at #1 on the iOS App Store while still in beta. Octi season 1 beta amassed over 350,000 users who participated through in-app trading, collecting, and creating to earn both physical and digital items.