Octi required a video that helped them explain a product to investors. This concept requires a loose narrative that explains what the octiverse is, how it is different and how it benefits users. The octiverse augments users into computer generated worlds using mixed reality. In these worlds users can trade virtual items and interact with one another. 

Work in progress storyboard


To garner interest in Octi’s product the visuals had to stand out without overshadowing the user journey. The journey needed to have a beginning start and end while explaining what the OCtiverse is all about. Octi as an app uses pop culture references as a way to engage with young audiences. The visual references at the time were concurrent with popular content. Squid game, Animal Farm and Roblox were strong reference points when building out the storyboard and style frames for the Octiverse.


Bright colorful visuals aimed to portray a lively fun-loving world where users can connect through mixed reality. The opening scene attempts to use this world to contrast with a boring environment.

The Octiverse expands out from the edges of the phone for creative effect. It signals the immersion a user can feel while exploring the Octiverse. At the end we see the user interacting and taking a selfie with one of the avatars in the octiverse.

A wide set of tools were used in the creation of the video. The mood boards were created in Illustrator and photoshop. After sign off  After Effects, Cinema 4D and Davinci were used in creating the final video. The opening scene consists of objects modeled by myself and stock models. All the texture were created by myself.Characters were animated by 3D animator Kevin O’shea who has a strong skill set in character animation. The compositing and effects are designed in After Effects. Sound design, edit and color grade are produced using davinci resolve.