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Coinstar Augemented Reality

Modelling, Texturing, Motion Design, AR

An accessible web-based Augmented Reality Coinstar Kiosk exhibits to retailers how a Coinstar kiosk visually fits into their space.

The project required a deep look into delivering assets which worked across a web-based AR platform. Size limitations were applied to the model and textures. Crunching the data in the asset took away from the quality. To work around the issue maps contains lighting and shadow information were baked into the final asset. This allowed to retain some of the quality lossed via compression.

Continued research was needed in the process of moving into a web-based AR setting. 4 file formats were tried and tested across different phones, lighting conditions and applications. QA testing proved the biggest part of the process.

Glb was the final format opted for when delivering. This format allowed us to hold the visual information without compressing on quality.

The end resolution implemented leveraging web-activated properties of iOS ARKit and Android ARCore. Updates to the software allowed 3D objects activate via the mobile web page, while processing he 3D rendering to the native AR viewer of the device OS. This gives great fidelity, rock solid tracking and, most importantly, room-scale calibration.

With the Coinstar Virtual Kiosk, retailers are able to easily preview a life-like, accurately to-scale, Augmented Reality representation of the vending machine in their retail space via an easily accessible mobile website.



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