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Just East Visa Campaign

Motion Design, Colour Grade, Video Editor

Visa wanted to promote its online payment service via a campaign with Just Eat. A challenging but rich brief that required creative problem-solving. A challenge lay in working with two very different visual brands. Being hyper-aware of all platforms and formats for creative delivery became important throughout. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and OHH(Out of Home) were the delivery platforms.

The creative had to be punchy and fast pace. A narrative developed referenced material that resonated with online culinary content. The creative developed upon the idea of frustration when trying to make a meal. “The individual eventually gives up and orders just eat a meal using visa checkout.“

The campaign delivered with 120 million impressions. After the client saw the creative execution for social, they requested the same creatives be used for OOH(Out of Home).

During production and Filming, I oversaw the practicality of the concept before the raw footage processed into post-production. On set, I edited footage showing the client and creative team what was achievable. This process saved us time and amends further down the production pipeline.



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