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NCS Kickstart

Art Direction, Film, Print, Social, Animation, Motion Graphics

Kickstart is an event for 300 handpicked graduates who finished a 4 week programme. The graduates would undergo a training programe which gives tools and skills to lead social change in their UK regions. An event like this must have a sense of empowerment and embed itself in youth culture.

Brief and Process
I accepted the opportunity to lead the project when briefed. There was a long pitching process and through multiple iterations we came up with the final aesthetic. Giving a rationale, behind the visuals was vital to selling the tone and themes embedded in youth culture.

The look and feel came together using current trends with references to popular content consumed by young people. Kickstart had its own identity but still kept within the boundaries of NCS branding. Print, motion, branding, social and venue design were areas I took the lead on the project.

Motion Graphics
Embedding animation into Kickstart amplifies visuals by giving it energy and movement. Several video loops were produced, each visually distinctive but consistent in keeping with the overall style and aesthetic. A video intro was produced and pulled from a pool of trending designs along with references to pop culture which are popular with a younger audience. The intro video was produced to give the event a sense of energy and empowerment.

#YOUTHMOVEMENT, provides a social media hashtag enabling grads to voice their opinion among like minded people. It also hands back a narrative to young people who want to share their story of change and motivation.



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