Product Design and Development

During my time at Scenestealer I worked in an eclectic environment of developers and designers. As a result the design and production team used an in-house ad builder to layout, animate and publish display banner ads. In addition it was important to work closely with our dev team who helped the implementation of new features on the fly and problem solve the limitations around HTML5 for requests from clients. So, this made for product design to be a fun and challenging element which was evolving day to day.

Through regular testing of the builder I took on the role of pushing the animation as far as it could go in the browser. As a result easing an important and fundamental function of animation was implemented into the builder via the GreensockJs library.

UI/UX needed constantly development and attention in the builder. This is core feature of product design which needed to be pushed as usability is a key element of providing a seamless experience. So, with the help of my team we would always feedback recommendations to the developers eventually leading to hiring a front-end dev who helped us shape the user interface in the builder for the better.

Features implemented throughout the product design process

Advanced animation and easing via the GreensockJS library
Drag and drop function for imported assets
Preview function for animation
Resizable Canvas
UX/UI Development and Design
Gif and SVG compatibility
Rendered Text on Canvas
Shape Tool
Inter-Changeable Web-Based fonts
Colour Picker
Bug Reporting