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I worked with for 6 months with the design strategy team, a small team made up of 3 designers including myself. Our role was to help the sales and creative team visualize concepts for clients. Augmented and Mixed reality has technical limitations that may not always be realized in the concept and pitch. This can lead to a delicate balance in maintaining the expectation of the client,creative,production and sales team.

We conceptualized the creative team’s proposal while tapering it within the parameters of AR technology. For complex builds or requests We worked closely with the production team to understand the technical limitations before finalize visualization were seen by clients.

This played a vital role in maintaining the concept and creating visuals the production team were capable of delivering to the end client.

Visuals would be delivered in the form of stills or video depending on the time and complexity of the concept.Each execution required research, quick style framing for clear and concise art direction.

For larger projects the whole design team would be required to work together. Maintaining a consistent art direction with the team was important for delivering assets that were visually aligned and part of the same world.

We worked with America, Mena, Australia and Europe to deliver visuals for different regions. our team would also be requested to support with PR campaigns. Developing the framework for PR campaigns required us to sit into a more production role where we could suggest creative solutions to amplify the content quality.

Our standout campaigns where ‘The great barrier reef conservation’ and ‘Sneaker Zero’

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