Snapchat - Sneaker0

Sneaker0 is the world’s first sneaker to be designed entirely by a computer using machine learning from a curated exhibit list. To build it, a computer was trained in sneaker design by scanning thousands of sneakers around the world. Then, it was given visual information of the 200+ iconic sneakers chosen to be displayed at the exhibition, to learn what makes a great design.

Myself and the design team were briefed to showcase the Sneaker campiagn in a video. My task was bringing the shoe to life in 3D.

We started by exploring several different looks with texturing lighting and camera movements. These areas were initially explored through stills.

In the exploration phase we had daily feedback. Lightning ,textures and composition would be critiqued by myself and the team. This became a instrumental in leveling up the visuals during the exploration phase

An early challenge occured when we realized the model of the shoe was low poly. This presented us with a difficult task for close up shots. The edges of the shoe looked a bit jagged in parts.

Due to the lack of time I decided to use Redshift and do light retopology of the shoe. Redshift offered the control needed when subdividing the shoe model.

To show a cross over of the digital world into the real world we would be animating the shoe over a live action shot. To keep the process straightforward the tracking and animation was done in Cinema 4D. This allowed for the animation to be easily locked into the live action footage.

The animation is designed to have a digital feel. The digital shoe grows onto the foot from digital fragments eventually encapsulating the subject’s shoe.