‘Design By Structure’ reached out to create bespoke animations for the Upvest website build. The animations needed to be a small file size to host natively on the Upvest website. This presented a challenge around quality control.

Design by structure provided the storyboards. The animation process required careful thinking around workflow due to the file restrictions. Many FX in After effects are not compatible when outputting the animation for a web friendly format. It was also important to keep process manageable for client amends. Testing and R&D became a part of the workflow in production. Making sure the more complex elements worked with Lottie (Web animation tool) became a central part of the process.

The team at Design by structure helped with testing different web based technologies. We discovered that outputting the animations in a compressed .MOV or .h264 format with a black background worked seamlessly with CSS blending modes. This provided a backup solution if the client felt quality was being compromised using web formats.