The Xec Leadership programme


The Xec. (‘zeck’), from BME PR Pros, supported by Google UK and delivered in partnership with PRovoke Media and the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), is the first leadership scheme for UK-based Black, Asian, Mixed Race and Ethnic Minority (BME) PR and comms pros.

Bold and ambitious, it aims to create the next generation of BME leaders and, ultimately, to increase boardroom diversity client and agency-side.

An amazing project to work on from concept to through delivery. Blueprint is grounded in a true grass roots movement. The tone needed to resemble the voice of blueprint. We started by exploring visuals which had a tactile and human feel. Loud, colourful contrasting visuals aligned with the messaging of the campaign and voice of Blueprint.

A fast turn around meant the exploration phase was time sensitive. The style frame were more aligned to a storyboard format but allowed for agile changes to be applied later in the project. It was flagged that changes may happen later throughout project due to the amount of people and organisations involved. Flagging this, allowed us to keep the process agile up to final delivery.


The launch of the course required deliverables for both video and static. All deliverables had a set of different delivery requirements depending on the platform. Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram were the focus of the promotional campaign.

Each platform has a different set of audience and limitations. The majority of content was organic led, this limited the amount of impressions received.

To amplify and drive awareness across IG we create several video types. Short, Medium and Long format. We also proposed to increase applications closer to the closing date with ‘ending soon’ videos.

We created a 7days, 3days and 24 hours until the deadline in 2 different formats to keep interest and awareness thriving. The ending soon videos were posted on LinkedIn also which proved the platform where most engagement thrived.

Over 40 course leaders are apart of the Xec leadership programme. To help further drive organic engagement we proposed to create a 1X1 post representing each course leader.

Each head shot would be designed to align with the main campaign video. This aided in creating a consistent visual campaign that was easily identifiable.

Version 01 -Storyboard

Version 02 - Storyboard

Art Direction

The look and feel needed to represent a grass roots movement in an industry were change is needed from within. Scratches, paint, paper, and dust are visual elements that encapsulate a tactile and organic feel. Animated paint strokes added to the strong theme of being disruptive.

In a sense we wanted to hammer home the idea of the writing is on is the wall and its here to stay.

We started by exploring visuals which have tactile and human feel. Loud, colourful contrasting visuals aligned with the voice of Blueprint.

Animated paint stroke provided strong accent graphics and because a transitional mechanic. The Paint strokes were reinforcing the message that ‘the writing is on the wall’ for change.


The course ended up being a success with 100’s of applicants. The video raised awareness within the precessional community. LinkedIn was the platform where the video received high engagement.